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Translation: TVFan Cross April 2014 - Yabu Kota


Yabu’s interview from the latest TVFan magazine. This is about his drama role as well as there are a couple of questions about his current life being thrown in.
Tottsu is mentioned again.

White Lab starts on 14 April on TBS! ♪

JUMP is busy with dramas..
Yuto has been practising baseball. Because I know baseball relatively well Yuto came to ask me a lot of questions. Things like baseball terms and teams which are strong this season. Inoo is… well, whatever. (laugh) 

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Wink Up July 2013 Inoo x Yabu


In a previous issue, there was a question asked: “What do you give to a girl who is studying alone after school?”

It is a competition for the kindest person. JUMP’s answers are anonymous and readers vote for the best response without knowing who said what. So in this issue, the best and worst answer is announced and Inoo is first while Yabu is last. This is a crosstalk between the winner and loser.

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#4: Nakajima Yuto
“Because I really don’t want to be in the way I guess I will buy a drink for her. I will pass it to her quietly and say “Work hard”.”

Comments: I am fourth~ But I am happy that there are people who think that it is good to do it “quietly”. Because that is the main point and I don’t want to be in the way when she is concentrating. I don’t understand why Inoo-chan is first (laugh). What happens when you get a hug? Your heart skips a beat and you won’t be able to concentrate on studying! (c)

Translation: Myojo February 2003 - Jin x Yabu

Yabu x Yuto x squishy cheeks.

- Shounen Club Unaired

omaigat! ahahahahaha XD

Shounen Club 2014.03.12


Potato April 2014: Today’s JUMP – Yabu x Inoo


Inoo: Yabu, you cut your hair ne.

Yabu: I cut it. In the morning I told Yuto that I cut my hair too much till I look stumpy, he followed by telling me “that’s not true”.

Inoo: So kind~ He is a nice person.

Yabu: Nope, I won’t forget it. Yesterday when I met him he laughed a little. That’s like treating me like an idiot (laugh).

Inoo: A person’s appearance can change after a day has passed (laugh). 

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Finally My YabuNooJima in one frame!! XD

It’s from Potato April 2014. Finally… *tears

I’M SOOO HAPPY~!!! even thought they’re not in their good looks! oops ;p I LOVE YOU, POTATO~!!! *kisses

And… I LOVE their selfies in Duet April 2014!!

How I miss my YabuNooJima :”3

Can’t wait for their Spring dramas!! XD

My babies in Spring Dramas 2014!

Dari kemaren berita2 tentang drama Spring bikin heboh deh~ adek2 saya pada dapet drama musim depan!! XD

Setelah Taishi yang upcoming dramanya gw apdet kemaren, sekarang giliran adik2 saya yang lain!

Yang bikin nangis, ada satu drama dimana adek2 gw pada ngumpul!!! Heboh luar biasa pas tau soal ini T_T


Judulnya "Yowakutemo Katemasu ~ Aoshi-sensei to Heppoko Koukou Kyuuji no Yabou".. di drama ini ada YUTO, KANATA, DORI dan KENTO!!!!!!!! Gimana gw gak heboh cobaaa??!! NTV SARAP!!!! #masih

Klo Shuhei, Taishi & Chiba sampe ikutan, bisa pingsan mendadak gw!! HAHA XD

Drama ini bercerita tentang klub baseball sekolah yang gak pernah menang dari pertama kali berdiri. Sekolah tesebut berfokus mengirim murid2nya masuk ke Universitas Tokyo. Jadi kesibukan mereka hanya belajar, belajar dan belajar. Hanya sempat latihan 3 jam setiap minggunya. Ninomiya Kazunari menjadi guru sementara di sekolah itu dan diberi tanggung jawab untuk ‘megang’ tim baseball yang hanya memiliki 5 orang anggota tersebut. Bagi Aoshi (Nino), “Walaupun lemah, masih ada kemungkinan untuk menang!”

Selain mereka berempat, ada Fukushi Sota dan Arimura Kasumi yang jadi leading role buat karakter murid2 ini. Sempet baca, ada yang nulis klo Yuto itu jadi murid paling hebat dan Sota jadi murid paling lemah. haha, entahlah ;)

Dan itu.. 2 jagoan(?) Stardust (Kanata+Kento) main satu drama, kece bener!! Klo ada Taishi, komplit sumpah!! XD (trio Stardust fav eyke). Amuse beneran cuma Dori doang nih, gak nambah? *ngarep Shuhei* XD

Haaahh.. bisa gak fokus ini gw nontonnya!! Adek2 gw pada ngumpul~ XD *nyengir tiada akhir*

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Popolo April 2014 Translation


The members write a message to Yabu who went for the photoshoot on a separate day due to his schedule for the Johnny’s World stageplay.
And Yabu replies to each of the messages with love. 

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Dear, Yabu..

baby~~ otanjoubi omedetou!!! ><

i know it’s late, very late but… better late than never right? ^^;;

many things happens these days.. in work. real life is hard ne.. ;___;

well, happy belated bday Yabu-chan„, u’re already 24 now.. welcome to adult world!! lol xD

u’re growing fast, babe. but u still looks cute like in that pv!! <3

i hope u always and always happy…

if u has a problem, just remember.. every problem has a solution, and you have us.. me.. ur fans! :)

keep smiling with that cutie smile, babyyy~ 

life is hard but fun, isnt it? :))

once again.. HAPPY BDAY YABU KOTA!!! *cheers

(dear whida, are u talking to urself?)

ah, btw.. that’s a screencaps from Ai Sureba Motto Happy Life PV, you can get the download links here or here (also for PV/Making AinoArika).

they looks gorgeous but cute!! my babies has grown up~ *tears :”))

so, well.. hope tomorrow will be better! bye~!

Yabu X Hikaru Crosstalk. Wink Up February 2014.

Yabu x Hikaru Crosstalk Translation.
WINK UP February 2014

feel free to share this anywhere. just credit skysj4.
LOTS of YabuHika love.


Yabu: Ok, it has come! Wink up’s highly supported “YabuHika” (Laugh)

Hikaru: This is a word we are not very good with (laugh). Like what should we do now after so long, or rather, since we have been gradually getting called YabuHika so enthusiastically, we have started to be conscious about it (laugh)

Yabu: Yes yes, though I have mentioned this in Wink up previously, it is because during concerts, (this word) has been mentioned/displayed intentionally (laugh). When I pass Hikaru on stage, I will not give Hikaru a high-touch (high-five). And also if I walk faster and catch up with Hikaru walking in front of me, I can grab him from the back and go like “Oeiiii” or something like that, but I wont. If I do that, I know the YabuHika fans will definitely go kyaaaaaa and start screaming but I wont (laugh).

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Well.. its kinda funny when Hikka’s mom said  “Both of you are like a couple who has been married for ten years.” LOL XDD

いのぶ/やぶの ~ 2013


si riin kerjaannya!! haha XD

itu yang outfit Kamona kok lucu sih?!! LOL /belom pernah liat xP

kurang Yutooooo!!! XDDD

► Music Japan 2013.12.19

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Inoo-Yuto-Yabu aka YabuNooJima… haha. so yup! reblogged this bcos of them.. walaupun interaksinya cuma Yuto Yabu 


tapi itu sweater whid… tapi tetep aja.. warna biru tua itu ba-ha-ya buat jantung gw!! (////////)

well, you can watch this video here: Music Japan - Talk & Ride with Me

Yabu Kota 10000 words interview translation


It was a big decision.

I was happy, but it was painful. Things were so complicated I had no idea what to tell those around us that we have now become part of Hey Say Jump. Besides me and Hikaru, the other members of Ya-Ya-yah did not know anything. And because of this, it was really hard. When Hey Say 7 was formed, Ya-Ya-yah had a discussion and we said “From now on, the four of us will work hard together.” And right after this, the news of Hey Say Jump came.

It can’t be helped. Though it must have been hard.

Whenever someone debuts, more than ten times the number of people will be depressed. There are hundreds and thousands of people who really want to debut. So whoever is chosen must also bear the frustrations of those people. After Hey Say Jump was formed, we apologized to the two of them, and it was really painful for us. Even so, since we have decided to do it, we shall do our best.

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Uum, seperti yang kalian tau.. gw mengenal bocah2 ini (baca: Hey!Say!JUMP) tahun lalu, jaman2nya Super Delicate so, gw gak gitu tau tentang masa2 junior mereka.

Tapi baca interview ini agak yang.. “Wow.. ini pasti berat banget buat bocah ini!” Peluk Yabuuuu~~ :”)

Apalagi bagian ini “When Hey Say 7 was formed, Ya-Ya-yah had a discussion and we said “From now on, the four of us will work hard together.” And right after this, the news of Hey Say Jump came.”

Speechless lho.

Best wishes deh buat kalian berempat, baik untuk Yabu & Hika di HSJ maupun 2 exmember Ya-Ya-yah (Taiyo & Shoon(?)) di karir mereka yang sekarang.

Semangat!! :”))

Dan.. aaahh~ gw tertarik banget sama hubungan Yabu + Tottsu!! Ni bocah sering banget ngomongin Tottsu (termasuk di interview ini). Ada yg punya gambar mereka berdua? pengen nulis tentang merekaaa~~ :”)

Btw, thank you skysj4 for translating and sharing this *hugs xD

Akan ada 10k words Yuto/Inoo gak yah? ditunggu~~ :))

[edit (12/31/13): di pagenya skysj4 itu yg ditrans baru setengahnya, nah.. ini udah ada yg trans full: Yabu Kota 10,000 Letter Interview - Myojo January 2014, thank you inluvwithhsj ^^] 

Yabu x Inoo - Popolo 2013.12
Ini.. ini apa ya maksudnya?
Mereka monomane Super Delicate partnya YamaYuto kah?
tapi endingnya tetep ya, si Inoo (Yabu juga) monyong2 deh~~ ahahaha xD

Yabu x Inoo - Popolo 2013.12

Ini.. ini apa ya maksudnya?

Mereka monomane Super Delicate partnya YamaYuto kah?

tapi endingnya tetep ya, si Inoo (Yabu juga) monyong2 deh~~ ahahaha xD