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Korean High School Life

Um.. few days ago my friend shared this video about Korean High School life.

It’s like a documentary video from a girl who studied/attending at High School in South Korea after she had graduated her High School in America. Her name is Kelly.

She said how intense Korean High School students was, the student have study for 16 hours a day. Yeah, 16 hours!

In Middle School, school ends at 4:30PM but High school ends at 9:30PM. Uwoooohhh~!!!

Um, actually this isnt my first time hearing about that. 

Few months ago I met a Korean High School student in twitter, named Kim Ju-Yeon. She likes Matsuken (like me) and she really nice. She even sent me some Matsuken stickers via air mail ^^

I ever asked about her High School life and her uniform. Bcos if I watch Korean drama, they have a cute uniform like in Japan. 

She said "Every year in March 2nd is every Korean schools’ new grade day, with (usually) 40 students per class. 

In Korea, most high school is start at 8AM. And we can go to home at 10PM. 8AM~6PM is time to listen classes and 7PM~10PM is  time to do self study. So Korea’s high school is finished at 10PM ^^”

I got shocked when she said that her school finished at 10PM! I even asked her how she got home, is her parents pick her or not. She said "Yeah, My parents pick me up often^^ But if my parents be busy, I have to go home alone… :( Sometimes, going home alone is scary.!"

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