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I already posted about this CM before but. I’m kinda curious about what was Matsuken saying in this video so, I asked my friend! Thank you, Naka-san! ^^


Matsuken: /looking at their wedding pic/ “We were still young.”

Kurosawa: “Hurry up or the mover will come. It’s about time to pack tv?”

Matsuken: “Um..”


Matsuken"My son is turning 5 month old soon. If u had asked me, I’d made him appear on this CM." (me: OMG!)

Matsuken"You might think the kids and i seemed fun in that CM (2011 ver, when Matsuken playing with kids, Ep7) but actually I had hard time!! Bcos one kid had been scratching my arm too hard. I couldnt smile. Such things never happened since i played with kids.” (me: LOL, poor Macchan!)

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