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Moritani Takumi

Finally Moritani appears on Magz!! XD *u can see how excited i am on this comment post, lol

I knew this boy from SmapxSmap with 100 Jr few months ago, since then I got curious about him (u can find his name on my various post! lol) but theres no info about him on the internet until now!

This is his first magazine appearance! yay~ :) *Potato August 2012 

  • Name: Moritani Takumi
  • Nickname: Mori, Takuho *I’ll call you Mori-chan! XD
  • Born: 1995 April 3rd
  • Height: 155cm
  • Weight: 43kg
  • Blood: type / A
  • From: Tokyo
  • Hobbies: Listening to music. I like energetic songs.
  • Good point: I’m a quiet person.
  • Bad point: I’m too quiet.
  • Senpai you respect: Sakurai Shô. 
  • Favorite food: Meat
  • Disliked food: Tomatoes
  • Favorite subject at school: Sport lessons, mathematics
  • Disliked subject at school: Swimming lessons.
  • Type of girl you like: Energetic girls.
  • Dreams for the future: I want to become someone respected by others.
  • A message to readers: I’ll do my best in everything so please support me.

Since this spring, I’m in my second high school year and the school subject I study the most is English. If I can speak well in the future, I think it will be very useful so when there are words I don’t understand, I check their meaning right away using books. On the contrary, I’m bad at sport lessons. The reason is simple…It’s because I can’t swim. (laugh) I was really touched by seeing Nishikiori san and Takizawa kun amazing acting skills during this year Shinshun Takizawa Kakumei! 


Aww, he’s a quiet guy and loves mathematics!! o.O

I’m bad at sport lessons. The reason is simple…It’s because I can’t swim.

—- LOL /highfive

He’s older than Haniuda Amu (a boy that I thought him for several times ;p), but their height is same! waa~

Btw, kenapa gaya fotonya begitu sih, dek? 

Dan kok ya kamu terlihat “China” sekali di foto itu~ cakepan pas di SmapxSmap!! ;D

Yasulah, ditunggu kiprahnya yaa~ /caelah, kiprah! ;p

Ah, iya! Sedikit OOT.. akhirnya saya nemu Jr yg “mengidolakan” Yuto!! yay~ ahahaha, abis keseringan Yamada sih ;p Namanya Suzuki Takumi :) *another Takumi~ ;p

Sekian! ^^)/

credit: hakucchan@jr-w0rld

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