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HSJ HK photobook messages

Yuto Nakajima - Here is a really stylish artist!

Maybe you know me? When I was a kid, I was in ‘Pop Music Club’ [Shounen Club] which was broadcast all over the world. Well, I’ve gotten to be a much taller Yuto Nakajima! Please enjoy my drumming and tap dancing on stage. I’m feeling a bit of pressure as it’s my first Asian tour, but more so, the fun is what I’m looking forward to. Check out the unity of our band ‘Hey!Say!JUMP’!

Don’t forget this concert.

Kota Yabu - Here is a fascinating artist!

Hi! I’m the oldest of the Hey!Say!JUMP members! Actually, I’m the oldest but really I’m like the youngest kid in the family! I was spoilt so much when I was a kid! Well, I’m not really spoilt so much now, but I’m probably the one the others joke around with the most. Well, I guess they all want to have something to do with me! [note: I think the Chinese version reads something like “When I want people to notice me, I will make them/force them.” but I could be totally wrong] I’ve been so much looking forward to the Asian tour to meet so many of our fans! I want to give it all my best to join the other members in making it one of the greatest performances we can!!

Cool! Cool! Cool!

Kei Inoo - Here is a sensitive artist!

Hello everyone! I’m Kei Inoo. For those who know me and those who don’t, I want to say a big thank you to you today. For those of you who have seen me only in ‘Pop Music Club’ and on TV, how about checking me out for real?! I wonder if it’s what you imagined. We are Hey!Say!JUMP!!! I can’t tell you how genuinely happy I am to be seeing you after all those fan letters! I’ll be working hard to remember my greetings in the language of the country we’re playing. Really looking forward to it!

Thank you for coming on our journey!

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credit: choccobee


I just saw Inoo’s page on someone blog, and he looks cute (as always)!

Hope someone would scanned this photobook! wanna see Yuto and Yabu’s pages~ ><

Scans here ^^

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